25 December 2006

Superman Returns

Also available on HD DVD

Dreck. Utterly derivative. If there is a thin line between "homage" and "rip-off", this flick is far on the wrong side of it. The story contains barely one unborrowed thread, and it is not enough to hold up $270 million worth of special effects. Out of the two and a half hours, there were maybe fifteen minutes of action that had me engaged and excited. The rest of the time all I could think was, "Christopher Reeve did this better 30 years ago." (No offense Brandon, you didn't suck, you just weren't "him".) And I'm sorry, but Kate Bosworth (IMDB) is just too young to carry the weight of a Pulitzer winning journalist. She would have been, what, a junior in high school when Superman left? Skip it, get Reeve's version instead (or better yet, get it all in Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition).

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