30 May 2007

iTunes Plus (that is, Minus DRM)

I've been waiting for this one since they announced it, and now it's here. Today you can upgrade your iTunes client to version 7.2, and then you can upgrade (some of) your iTunes purchases to 256kbps, DRM-Free versions! (Shop at iTunes now)

It's been said before, and those who know me also know my opinion, but for the record: DRM is bad, bad, bad. It's bad for artists, bad for fans, and bad for online music retailers. It's even bad for the media distributors who use it, although you may have a hard time convincing some of them of that.

EMI seems to get it, though, as their music is now up and running. I am not a big purchaser of music in general, but I have been saving up to vote with my dollars. As I write this, I am listening to my newly purchased, non-DRM Rolling Stones tunes. Wow this stuff sounds good!

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