17 July 2009

July Moon - The Lost NASA Tapes - Trailer

When I saw the poster for this, I didn't get excited, I instead found myself wondering just how many times documentarians could tell the same story. After all, the mini-series From The Earth To The Moon covered just about any aspect you could imagine of the trials of entering space, including the moon landings. Then, documentary In The Shadow Of The Moon proved to be so exciting, I found myself wanting to be an astronaut all over again. It included launch and flight footage never seen before that caused me to hit the rewind button numerous times in order to see said footage as many times as possible.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I watched the trailer for July Moon, a documentary apparently so secret, it's not even listed on the imdb. My worries were wrong, so rather than ruin it, I will only say, Watch the trailer! It is obvious this one will be worth it.

See it here...July Moon.

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