20 August 2009

More Avatar News & Teaser Trailer

The official Avatar website was brought down Monday by a rush of moviegoers seeking free tickets to see a 16-minute preview of the movie at 104 IMAX theaters Friday. After several hours, the site was up and running again -- and quickly selling out location after location. In reporting the difficulties, the Hollywood Reporter commented today (Tuesday): "Given that Avatar, James Cameron's first narrative feature since 1997's Titanic promises a display of cutting-edge technology, the site snafu was something of an embarrassment." Some of those who had scored the free tickets quickly offered them for sale on eBay. As of this morning, one ticket seller in Woodland Hills, CA was offering a pair for $500.

Also released to much fanfare, is the teaser trailer that has had a countdown clock running for several days on Apple's movie page. While the trailer is exciting, I almost don't want to watch anything further because I don't want to spoil the surprises that the feature itself may offer. Still trying to figure out if this movie will need to be seen in a regular theater, or if it needs to be on an IMAX screen. Anybody know the answer to that one?

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